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[cross-project-issues-dev] CodeEnvy continues to use deceptive wording that's harmful to Eclipse

I was just reading the latest Microsoft/RedHat/Codenvy press release and came across the problematic wording that weâve seen before.


Microsoft Visual Studio Code and Eclipse Che, the next-generation Eclipse IDE, have added support for the protocol.




I think itâs great that Eclipse Foundation is getting more technologically diverse, but I find it very concerning that Eclipse Foundation is allowing Codenvy/Che to continue to use wording like this. Current Eclipse users will read this statement as an official statement of the roadmap for the desktop Eclipse IDE or whatever the hell we are supposed to call it now that Eclipse IDE doesnât mean anything, apparently.


I understand why Codenvy would use wording like this as it helps them to promote Che. What I donât understand is why Eclipse Foundation, through inaction, is allowing this to continue.




- Konstantin