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[cross-project-issues-dev] Remember to update b3aggrcon files with your "final URL" for Neon

I know a few of you have, already, but if not, please remember to update your b3aggrcon files with your final "released" p2 repository URL.

I have "turned on" the Sim Release aggregation builds (except not yet "promote to Staging") just so that as people put in their "final URLs for Neon" the system will automatically check that everything is "still OK". (So, if you get a "failure notice" please attend to it).

Why bother changing your URL? Well, besides being a good citizen :) in a week or two I will "split streams" so we have one for Neon Update Releases and one for Oxygen so you might save your self some trouble then if you plan to leave your "released build URL" the same in both streams for a month or more. But, most important, we want aggregation build to "always work" even as you clean up (remove) your non-released URLs.


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