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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] New UUID in Eclipse Platform

This thread is an awesome proof that the Eclipse community is
alive and kicking.

I appreciate Ian taking steps to help the Eclipse community to
stay relevant. And I appreciate most of the concerns expressed
regarding UUID-based data collection. Little to add.

Just looking at this statement:

On 06/04/2016 05:11 PM, Ian Skerrett wrote:
The starting point has been we can use this data to improve the Eclipse community.
I hope that if we can start using real facts based on data, not guesses,
this will be a service for the entire community. Most organization are now moving
towards data-driven decision making. I think Eclipse should be moving in this direction too.

Let me take a radical position for a second: it's not just privacy
in the traditional sense ("spying out my secrets") that's at stake.
People are starting to be concerned also about big business turning
people into data collection devices. Put bluntly: big organizations
decide how they utilize people for producing the information from
which they will generate their profits.

I'd see it as a big loss, if public perception regards Eclipse
as moving towards the big Big Data Business (speaking only of
perception, not intention).
I personally don't think Eclipse should be moving towards
data-driven decision making (which decisions, btw.?).

What are the risks:

- If Neon is rolled out with UUID enabled this will definitely
  send some message to our user community, which certainly is
  not backed by a consensus and will be hard / impossible to
  retract later.

- If UUID is disabled for Neon, our download statistics will
  remain vague (for now).

To me this sounds like a no-brainer: to pull the plug for Neon,
reschedule for Neon.1 under the precondition we achieve some
kind of consensus by then.

Technical question: is disabling UUID s.t. which EPP can do?


PS: There is this slight hunch about Europeans being more than
average concerned about a lot of things. I don't have the data
to back this observation :) - sounds like a great topic over
more than one beer. But for this thread "Europe vs. America"
is probably not a helpful question, right?

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