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[cross-project-issues-dev] The Platform's official RC4 not declared until Saturday

We in the Platform re-built several times for RC4, the final one being:

But since it was not done until 2:00 today, the Unit tests are still running.  As a matter of good practice, I won't officially rename and declare the Eclipse Platform's RC4 until the unit tests are finished, which won't be until very late tonight.
So, those waiting to do a final build with our final build could use I20160603-1000 with high confidence, but you won't see the "RC4" label until Saturday.

= = = = =

I will also mention that anyone who uses "Jetty" from the Platform should definitely rebuild and/or change your pre-req to the 9.3.9 version of Jetty.  We moved up from 9.3.5 to 9.3.9 after RC3, so ideally we will end up with just one version of Jetty in our repository. . Normally, we wouldn't change versions so late, but this was a special case. (See Bug 495069)

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