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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] including 3rd party jars on update site

Hi Sam,

> [1] I can't find any relevant CQ for Mylyn. Do we need one?

You might not. From what it looks like, the dependency got approved for the Eclipse Platform. Mylyn is depending on and consuming the Eclipse Platform. You don't need CQs for 3rdparty dependencies introduced by your project dependencies.

> [2] It seems that this is caused by having ECF in our build target, but I don't understand what is happening. We don't have ECF in our update site, so why do we get it's dependencies?

The CQ linked is the Eclipse Platform. Have you checked the Eclipse p2 repository? p2 seems to have picked the "latest". That's why it ends up in your repository.

> [3] The project downloads scanner doesn't flag 4.3 as a problem but it points to CQs that are not for Mylyn ( and I would have thought it would flag these jars unless there were CQs for Mylyn.

So, the download scanner uses an algorithm to detect possible 3rd party dependencies which where introduced by other Eclipse projects. For this to work it will look for org.eclipse.* bundles in your download directory and identify the Eclipse projects.  It then assumes that you depend on those projects. 


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