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[cross-project-issues-dev] Where oh Where is that p2 Update Site?


I wanted to make folks aware of a useful, well-hidden feature of Oomph. We've been indexing all the p2 update sites at download.eclipse.org to make it easier to find the one you need. Rather than describing it in a note, I've documented it in the wiki.


I hope you find this useful.

Another notable, and well hidden, feature is the fact that in RC1 Oomph provides improved p2 mirror utilization. You should notice that the installer is significantly faster (at downloading artifacts) because it better measures the performance of each mirror to select the fastest, and it uses more threads to exploit them. By default 10 in the installer and in the installer-created applications. You can influence this with -Declipse.p2.max.threads=<> in the installer's ini or your installation's ini; the installer's property value will propagate to the installations it creates.

Even more well hidden is that fact that installations created based on a bundle pool (the default), now support roaming, i.e., you can move the installation folder on disk after its been installed. And finally, as of RC2, read-only, pool-based installations are supported. Probably most of you won't use these last two capabilities, but your user base well might.