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[cross-project-issues-dev] Release reviews and IP Logs

Greetings folks.

The deadlines for IP Logs and review materials are approaching. My thanks to those projects teams that have started providing this information already (spreading out the load helps).

By way of reminder, the release process requires IP Team approval of the IP Log and PMC approval (via the PMC mailing list) of the release and review materials before we can declare the review successful.

Please put some sort of useful content in your review documentation. Please at least provide me with a paragraph that describes what's new and fascinating about your release. Help me help you.

You must submit your IP Log for review before May 26.

I have setup a new IP Log generator that works directly in the PMI. To access it, visit your project's PMI page, log in, expand the "Committer Tools" block and click "Generate IP Log". This will take you to an URL that looks something like this:

Note that you can only access the IP Log generator for projects for which you have commit rights.

If your project's release includes content from subprojects, the new generator will automatically pick that information up from the release record (you can specify included subprojects in the edit screen for the release record).

The new IP Log Generator submits logs for review via CQs.

If you notice any errors, please open a bug against Community/IP Log Tool [1]. Note that the old IP Log generator still works; but I'd really like you to use the new one.

I will send out an email early next week regarding the aggregate documentation (e.g. New and Noteworthy). Please stay tuned.



Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
          France 2016

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