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[cross-project-issues-dev] Neon M6 is (finally) available for download.

M6 was added to the composite repository at .../releases/neon
which now has M6, M5, and M4.

And, the EPP packages are available on the "developers tab" of, specifically,
(At the time of writing this, I think there is still one, the Parallel Tools package, that is still waiting for confirmation from the package maintainer.)

Several things are worth noting:

1) BIRT and the EPP Reporting package are not available for M6. From what I have heard, they still have every intention of being part of Neon and will be "back" for M7.
This has a ripple effect on MAT, which partially depends on BIRT.  It is currently unclear if BIRT being "part of the composite" but not "up to date" will have any negative impact for users who try to update (e.g. maybe some other components will be "down leveled"?).

2) Speaking of update, you can not update a pre-M6 EPP package to M6. You must download a fresh version. The reason is some long term (and much requested) improvements required a structural change such that an 'update' would no longer work. p2 should prevent the update from occurring, but I wanted to mention here to minimize surprises. Spread the word. For details, see Bug 332989and Bug 490515. The much requested improvement is the ability to remove or update most features in an EPP package independent of the EPP package itself being updated. We hope the community can help test this well, between M6 and M7, to be sure all works as expected.

Thanks for everyone's help and patience getting M6 out the door. Now that it is ... test well!

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