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[cross-project-issues-dev] Heads up: we may delay M6 Sim. Release again.

A pretty serious issue has been found, where one project (or, the interaction of a few) causes some project's M6 content to not be in the SIm. Release repository (but instead "back leveled"  at least WTP, or part of WTP? to the M5 level).

For more detail, see

This is still being investigated, and we are waiting to hear back from some projects. But I wanted to give a "heads up" since to re-spin (one way or another) is the only solution I know of.

I'll update this list once I know a solid plan, but, in the mean time, I will start a "pessimistic" respin, that simply excludes a few projects. Ideally, we can get some quick fixes that might make that pessimistic respin unnecessary, and then would do another "more correct" respin.

Stay tuned ...


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