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[cross-project-issues-dev] MoDisco API break



We have chosen to graduate "MoDisco" to the version 1.0.0.


This graduation comes with an API break, some of the deprecated (since serval year) APIs will be removed. It mainly corresponds to the old version of the discoverer framework. The "cleaned" API is already available in the git branch 'master'.


Here is the list of removed API:[Deprecated]&short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&target_milestone=1.0.0%20M1&target_milestone=1.0.0%20M2&target_milestone=1.0.0%20M3&target_milestone=1.0.0%20M4&target_milestone=1.0.0%20M5&target_milestone=1.0.0%20M6&target_milestone=1.0.0%20M7&target_milestone=1.0.0%20RC1&target_milestone=1.0.0%20RC2&target_milestone=1.0.0%20RC3&target_milestone=1.0.0%20RC4


The "cleaned" API will be delivered into M6.


I’ll build a first version of "cleaned" API and I'll declare it into the b3 file as soon as possible.



Grégoire Dupé


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