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[cross-project-issues-dev] One more "Mars task"

At least one of you have noticed I have "turned on" the Mars VALIDATE job, again.

The reason is that many of us now have our "final" URLs available for Mars.2 and will be removing temporary ones, that were probably used in many b3aggrcon files.

So I would ask that everyone please update your b3aggrcon files so that "things build" again with your final repository URLs. The reason this is important is that there is always a chance that something really weird will be found (such as a bad security issue, or "illegal files") that will (rarely) require us to produce a "Mars.3" version of the repository. If such a thing is found, it would be good to have a "working version" ready to work with.

Plus, some of us look there, in those files, to discover what URLs a project uses as their final Mars.2 release.

Note: I have NOT turned back on the "promote" job .... no more "maintenance" repositories. The aggregation builds now are just to confirm that the input is valid.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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