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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mars.2 Final Candidate is ready for final testing and release preparation

Getting closer!

The final candidate for Mars.2 is ready for testing and final preparations. We are now in the not-so-quite week before the official release -- no more builds (for the Mars stream) but there is still work to do to be sure we are ready.

If no horribly blocking bugs found, we are going to release these bits next Friday about 10:00 AM (Eastern).
Before you "make visible" your bits next week, it is best to check this list first, just to make sure there is no last minute "Wait! ... " messages.
I am planning to announce here on this list next Friday once Markus and I "flip the switch".

The final candidate EPP packages are not be mirrored or put on 'downloads', but they can be found at

Likewise, every participating team should test that "check for updates" works as expected, though some special steps are required. To test well, you need to disable existing repositories, and add the two that will become part of the release next week:

Ideally, you would first check updating from Mars.1 to this pre-release Mars.2. And then start fresh, and test updating from Mars directly to this pre-release Mars.2. And then start fresh and test again with the "old" .../releases/mars site enabled -- this last case simulates what it will be like next week when we have a larger composite site at .../releases/mars.

The goal of all our "final week" testing is not so much to find common bugs but to make sure there is nothing "blocking" that prevents users from updating, or worse, the update appears to work, but then Eclipse no longer starts, or other similar issues. In some cases, projects may find a bug for which they will want to have a documented workaround ready, per perhaps even a feature patch.

Good luck in your final preparations,

Thanks as always,

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