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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mattermost @ Eclipse - A follow up

A few weeks ago we started a test [1] with Mattermost [2] for Eclipse

Mattermost is an open source variant of Slack or HipChat. And a web
variant of IRC. It does have a web API and allows writing bots which
interact in chat sessions. Once of the best features is, that using the
Web API and bots, in can be integrated with a bunch of other services.
Like the IRC bridge.

The idea was to have a tool for Eclipse projects to enable better
communication. Not another toy! Eclipse currently already has the Forum,
Mailinglists, IRC channels and more ... so why another tool? Mattermost
can help to bring all this together. So we were able to bridge the IRC
channels of CDT and Tracecompass to their respective mattermost
channels, which also helps people to access IRC at the same time.

C├ędric Brun as written "jstuart" [3] which allows to integrate events
from the Eclipse Forum, RSS feed, Stackoverflow, Hudson, Gerrit and some
more Eclipse services to Mattermost. This allows a project to have a
channel where you do get a notification once a new bug, Stackoverflow
question or forum post got created for your Eclipse project.

For the moment this is a test to see if it brings any benefit. So I
would like to encourage you to try it out. Not for only 5 minutes, but
for a bit longer ;-)

And if you find out you like it, then head over to bug #487238 [4] and
say that you do like it, or if you find any blocker that would prevent
the usage use the same bug to say so. If nobody is interested, that's
fine as well :)



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