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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mars.2 RC3 staging repository is complete

After a very busy couple of days, the Mars aggregation build has finally gone to sleep -- and will be awakened again on Friday after the EPP packages are complete.

Thank you to everyone improving the quality of the Mars.2 release.

One more to go!

Recap of final build schedule:

2/17 - In one week! The final day for bits to be in RC4 (and Mars.2) -- submitted for the final, to-be-released repository and EPP packages.

2/22 - We begin a short "quiet week" for things other than "builds" to get finished. And then

2/26 - Release Mars.2!

As usual, we ask that everyone wait and "make their final builds and repositories visible" on that Simultaneous Release day (2/26) so that there is time to mirror artifacts before the rush, and so that users do not end up "broken" because they update a "partial set" of the release.

Thanks again,

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