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[cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse Platform's final, official contribution to Neon M5 and Mars.2 RC2 will be a day late

Extended team,

The Platform's final, official contribution to the Sim. Release will be a day late.

Our current candidates are M20160128-1800 (for Mars) and I20160128-2000 (for Neon). Those doing their own builds for these check points should be able to safely use those while doing your own "compiles". Our issue is more related to which EMF version to use and package with our downloads.

The issue is described in bug 486804 [1].  The issue is still be investigated, but as of now, we do not know if it is a regression in EMF, or a "test-only" problem in our Unit tests. And, in the worst case, even if our tests were making some incorrect assumption related to 'order' or iteraters, we might be making the same incorrect assumption in our runtime code? While it continues to be investigated, we are going to do a "back up" build that has the latest EMF version reverted, just in case that turns out to be the better version to use at this point in time. The goal is that by the time that build is ready (or before :) we will understand the root problem completely.
But in any case, we do not expect the issue to be resolved until very late today or tomorrow, on Saturday.



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