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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mars.2 RC1 warm-up is complete - aggregation jobs re-enabled

I am announcing this a bit early because part of the weather forecast for central North Carolina on Friday is "freezing rain" which often leads to power outages. While I do have a few hours of emergency backup power (and a back up internet connection) I just do not want to have to worry about getting this announcement out later today. It is, after all, an historic announcement! (Tangent below.)

= = = = = = =

I suspect everyone knows this is considered a "warm-up" RC, not a true candidate for release. That partially means it has not been tested as much and partially that there are still "known fixes" to go into some project's builds. But, from here on (for RC2, 3 and 4) please make each of them as solid as possible and a true candidate for release. (i.e. don't plan on waiting until RC4 to put in some big fix ... after all, there might be another ice storm somewhere by then and we'll have to release RC3!  :)  Very unlikely to happen, but that should be our attitude.

As with past "warm-up" RCs, we do not publish the EPP packages to the downloads page (on developers-index tab), but if you do want to test one, you can get it directly from EPP's build archives:

Downloads of the packages:

p2 repositories (for testing "check for updates")

Greatest thanks to everyone working on Mars.2.

= = = = = = =

What is so historic about this warm-up RC?

This is our last warm-up RC build -- forever!  For Neon update releases we are not planning to have warm-up RCs but going straight to RCs with only one week in between. We will still have 4 RCs, though.

This is partially because we are having 3 update releases during the year, instead of 2, so the schedule is a little compressed.

But, even more so, it is because the vast majority of you Eclipse projects are really getting good at this and there seems to be no need for a warm-up any longer. We say "go" you put out a release. Job well done! Thanks.

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