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[cross-project-issues-dev] Sonar comments in Gerrit (Gerrit plugin for Sonar)


I'd like to bring up to your attention a discussion about Sonarqube posting comments on Gerrit patches. This would mean that when you push a patch to Gerrit, a build gets triggered on Hudson and if you include Sonar analysis in the build, Sonarqube will post comments for the issues found *in the modified* files in the patch.

Here is how it looks:

This would help us improve code quality much earlier and would help reduce review time for things that Sonarqube can point out automatically.

The Gerrit plugin for Sonar would be disabled by default and each project could decide to enable it and choose whether it votes or not. I can see projects deciding to enable it to get the comments but not have it vote. That way, reviewers are free to ignore them if they are deemed not important.

Feel free to comment on this bug if you are interested in this:


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