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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Simrel: Is the b3 Aggregator Editor broken?

On 01/14/2016 08:20 AM, Eike Stepper wrote:
Am 14.01.2016 um 07:54 schrieb Mickael Istria:
I'm using the same version on a Neon M4 without issue.
In your message it's not clear whether you're trying to open a b3aggrcon file or the simrel.b3aggr file? As far as I can see, the editor can only open the b3aggr file.
Oh, you're right. I hadn't used the b3 editor for so long and I were used to open my own contribution with an XML editor directly, so I really tried to open the .b3aggrcon file directly with the b3 editor, too. Thanks for giving that hint and sorry for my blindness!!
It's not being blind, it's being misled and confused by the tool. I opened this issue
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