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[cross-project-issues-dev] "Aggregation model is inconsistent" errors

If I've said it N times, I've said it N+1 times, if you change "categories" or change "contacts" you need to use the b3 aggegator editor, and make the changes using the "model editor". The reason is these changes make changes in two files, the "main" one, "simrel.b3aggr", and your individual "<project>.b3aggrcon" file -- and then both files need to be committed/pushed.

As of right now, the 'head' of the model is breaking due to invalid "categories" and the "Gerrit job" is breaking due to invalid "contacts".

I have not looked, yet, for "who did what", but thought I'd send this blanket reminder, and perhaps by the time I wake up, it will be all fixed. :)

If not, I will "slash and burn" to make the model valid, and/or completely revert changes that broke the model, if I can tell. That is, I will not be able to "fix correctly" since I do not know what was intended.

If anyone needs specific help, please open a cross-project bug asking for it and stating what you intend to accomplish. Thanks.

Hope this reminder helps,

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