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[cross-project-issues-dev] dependency on Java 8


while we all want to use the new features in Java 8, some users of the
RAP project still can't switch to Java 8 because they have to deploy
on application servers that run on a (bundled) non-Java-8 VM. For
example, looking at the IBM WebSphere JDK support list [1], it seems
that for the server side, it's still a bit too early to require Java

Since one of the bundles RAP depends on ( has recently been
updated to Java 8, we find ourselves faced with the choice of either
locking out those users or shipping RAP 3.1 with an older version of
the platform. The latter would probably mean to abstain from the Neon
simultaneous release.

I wonder if there is a general consensus that the Eclipse platform
(not the IDE) does not support Java 7 anymore. If this is the case, we
have to live with it, however, I'd appreciate to keep at least the
core Java-7-compatible for one more year. Looking at the respective
change in [2], it looks like a refactoring, not an API
change that would require Java 8. Also on the Neon release plan [3],
it's still marked as 1.7. Is there a chance to revert this change or
are more of those going to come?



Ralf Sternberg
Project Lead, Remote Application Platform (RAP)

Tel: +49 721 66 47 33-0

Innoopract Informationssysteme GmbH
Lammstra├če 21, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany
General Manager: Jochen Krause
Registered Office: Karlsruhe, Commercial Register Mannheim HRB 107883

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