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[cross-project-issues-dev] [aeri] Custom email digests per development streams

Greetings cross-projects,

as of today projects can have individual alerts per "development streams“, i.e., your weekly digests can specify required version ranges for bundles, products, and operating systems as needed.

With that you can separate your alerts to match all problems that occur in, say, org.eclipse.yourbundlenamespace in versions [2.3-3.0] (Neon development) and org.eclipse.yourbundlenamespace in versions [,2.3)  for everything else (e.g. Mars). You may also filter based on the Eclipse build Id like [4.5.1,) or OS like macosx in version [11.11,].

There are more filtering capabilities available. If you are interested in setting up specialized filters, please file a bug.


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