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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] JDK 9 Early Access with Project Jigsaw



based on the provided jdeps output only the jax-ws integration of the eclipse scout mars release is affected. If this is even bothering us remains to be seen and will depend on the feedback of the scout adopters (which will be tracked in the scout forum [1]).






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Greetings folks!

I just posted a blog entry [0] regarding my initial experiences using JDK 9 Early Access with Project Jigsaw [1] with Neon.

By way of background, Jigsaw is the project that's bringing modularity to Java. The modularity implementation imposes restrictions on visibility that have a direct impact on code that uses internal code. In the past you may have had to deal with severe scolding over the use of internal packages, but with the current EA bits, this sort of use results in runtime exceptions.

The download comes with a handy tool named jdeps that--among other handy services--will scan Java code for soon-to-be illegal access of JDK internals.

The good news is that both the Mars and Neon repositories show that we have very few violations in Eclipse project code.

The very good news is that the Neon M2 and M3 builds both seems to run just fine on the current JDK 9 + Jigsaw builds. Unless you use the SWT_AWT bridge, that is... Unfortunately, jdeps only noticed a problem that I think shouldn't really a problem, but in the process of investigating, I noticed that SWT_AWT does a Class.forName(...) lookup that results in what the Jigsaw team will regard as a legitimate violation.

My initial investigations suggest that e(fx)clipse and Scout are taking the biggest hit. I don't know enough about JavaFX to make a particuarly intelligent assessment, but it looks to me like what should be the entire public API is showing up as inaccessible. Riena gets an honourable mention with one test case that uses an internal API. I've attached the reports generated from the Mars and Neon repositories.

Pay heed to my comment about Class.forName(...) above. You may have to test your code directly. You should probably do that anyway.



Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
          Europe 2015

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