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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for Neon M3

I can not believe it, but it looks like you all have done it again. A teeny tiny bit late (I hope to be a sleep when it is done :) but, "done in time" for M3.

The "final build" is still testing itself at this moment, but should promote itself to .../releases/staging in an hour or so. Which I think will give time for sanity checks and EPP to finish building the packages in time for their smoke tests on Thursday, and assuming all goes well will still promote M3 on Friday.

For the curious, I've documented "the final hours" in bug will quote last comment here, since it effects 3 to 5 projects.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have submitted [Brian's] DTP b3aggrcon file.

Plus, I have re-enabled org.eclipse.emf.oda.sdk feature, since the constraints now aggregate, with the new [reverted] DTP versioning.

= = = = =

I thought we needed WTP to react since they had to make change for DTP 2.0, but they must have used extra wide ranges since they still aggregate ok.

= = = = =

All the initial validation passes, the only place things might go wrong is if a pack.gz file won't unpack and verify. We should know in a few hours.

= = = = =

Off topic: I found a way to re-enable MAT, even tough BIRT is still disabled, by simply disabling the FEATURES of the BIRT repository, not the whole repository. This leaves BIRT's repo open for others to pull from. Apparently, MAT may depend on some bundles in that repo, but not on anything that requires runtime.compatibility.

That leaves BIRT and ObjectTeam the only disabled projects for M3. OjectTeam has explained [here] on cross-project list. Have not heard from BIRT, other than that they plan to participate in Neon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanks to all for getting M3 in shape, on time.
Now for the most important part ... test well!

Thanks again,

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