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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Did I mess up our procedure for Neon? With respect to declaring, and enablement, and our "list of participants"?


I suppose it's hard to disable EMF and still have a Platform.  Even disabling XSD would presumably disable WTP.

I think most of us make an assumption that the projects on the train last  year, particularly projects on which we might depend, will be on the train next year.  Participation kind of needs to be a binding long term commitment to remain on the train, especially for non-leaf projects.  In that case, it's probably more significant to announce withdrawal of participation as that has impact on downstream project participation.

In any case, EMF and XSD will be participating in Neon:

EMF Base is at offset -2
EMF Core is at offset +1

XSD is at offset +1

On 21/10/2015 4:01 PM, David M Williams wrote:
Just today I realized I think I was supposed to "disable" everyone, until they responded affirmatively that they were participating in Neon.

Since so many have declared their intent already, I hate to start over, by disabling everyone, but, need to come up with a list of "those who have declared intent",
and then I will disable the rest.

Wayne have you been keeping track? So far, the list at
only shows "Eclipse" is participating. I assume that's set to always be true. :)
But the rest need someone to enter the data?

If we can get a better list in next week or so, then by M3 I will disable anyone who has not yet declared intent.
For example, perhaps BIRT is no longer planning to participate? (For all I know?)


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