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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mars.1 re-spin repository is complete.

Our new candidate for release is at:

I did a quick "p2diff" and found 5 fewer bundles in the new one ... all of them duplicated in the old, previous repo, so that now only the newer versions remain.
Usually this is "goodness" to have only one version of a bundle there, but ... only YOU would know for sure. I've put a few more details in bug 478151 comment 12 [1] but here's a summary of what's "gone".

The expected
com.jcraft.jsch [0.1.51.v201410302000]
is gone. Leaving only the 0.1.53 version.

but also 4 others:
org.eclipse.rap.jface []
org.eclipse.rap.jface.databinding []
org.eclipse.rap.rwt []
org.apache.commons.fileupload [1.2.2.v20111214-1400]

It's this last one that concerns me the most. No idea, really, why it would be included in old one, but not new one, other than my standard "p2 is not always deterministic".

= = =  = =

Of course, I only check for "files" and "versions" ... not their contents. So, if any of you are really paranoid, it would not hurt to do a little sanity checking.

Thanks all,


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