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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse Mars 1 RC4 issue with Buildship / workspace prompt

On 09/23/2015 11:55 AM, Marcel Bruch wrote:
Well, I think this is not a strong indication for two reasons:
  1. Eclipse-IDE-wide we see more than half a million submitted (automated) error reports in the last quarter - which boil down to twenty-thousand distinct problematic locations in source code. Most of them are NullPointerExceptions. How many of them have been reported before? 
  2. I also doubt that many users relate the disappearance of the dialog with Buildship, thus, rather blame Eclipse than Buildship. It’s a subtile but annoying bug.
Also, we already had this issue of missing workspace pop-up in JBoss Tools, and in case one doesn't switch between workspaces, it's actually easily un-noticed or noticed long after the issue is introduced.

Mickael Istria
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