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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] DTP for Neon stream ... and LDT?

> A question regarding the aggregation build. I thought it was
> designed to catch issues like this, but I don’t see any failures on Hudson.

I was wondering that too. :) So ...

I looked in the log, at
and could see

 - mirroring artifact osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility,3.2.300.v20150423-0821

and then searching backwards in log, for "Mirroring artifacts from",
could see that the LDT project is (also) contributing that bundle, via their repository at

I hope that is a temporary condition, since (in this case) do not think the Platform would like others
"extending the life" of something they are trying to end. But ... I am not sure. I think the next step
is to hear from the LDT project. I have opened bug 478009 for this issue.

I did also use b3 aggregator editor to search for others who might be contributing that bundle, and it appears there are no others.
(And, appears that LDT contributes much more potentially problematic bundles, than just that one, since they duplicate a great deal
of other's projects, for their "Eclipse product").


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