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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] jetty versions - Another issue to feed on the topic of semantic versioning

So jetty keeps on giving us some grief now and I think it is worth raising this
since it has some nasty effects.

If I had the option I would wish Jetty was reverted back to .9/.10 in Mars.1 until a more permanent/non-breaking option could be found,
but I assume that is too late. Details below:

The new issue is that to use webSockets from jetty one now need to include Apache Aries to make it work.

in 9.2.9 and 9.2.10 this was not necessary, but 9.2.11-13 seem to require this.

Now, I know simrel do not include jetty websockets, so it does not (currently) affect simrel directly;
but it for sure affects its adopters.

In short jetty definitely do not retain backwards compatibility between its .z releases (9.2.9, 9.2.10 and 9.2.11-13 all behaves differently)

There seem to be no way for us to use jetty inside eclipse and be sure the code will work on both Mars.0 and Mars.1.

I know jetty is not directly participating in the simrel train (the above is probably part of why ;),
but I think these latest events raises the issue that simrel should
not just move up to the latest Jetty version.

The reason we (jboss tools) did not spot this was that the change in Mars for jetty was not visible before latest August
and that was right in the middle of vacation time.

Comments/suggestions/explanations on this would be great!


I don't want to hijack the other thread, but it is related.

JBoss Tools noticed that Jetty has some funky API changes going
on which unless you are super careful things breaks.


basically jetty 9.2.9, 9.2.10 and 9.2.13 are not compatible with/between each other.

Resulting in if platform ships some parts of jetty 9.2.13 and your manifest says it works with 9.2.10 (jetty owns libraries says it does) then things fall apart since you end up with a mix of 9.2.10 and 9.2.13 in your install and that just don't work.

Just wondering if others seen this and/or got any tips to better fix this going forward (besides restricting ones version range to 9.2.10 and nothing else)

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