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[cross-project-issues-dev] Question simrel and Gerrit use ...

What "refs" do others use then submitting changes for "Gerrit review" for Mars_maintenance?
I've heard refs/for/review should work .. but after some initial trouble with that, I've used refs/for/Mars_maintenance.
And that seems to work. Am I doing it wrong? Or ... is refs/for/review wrong? Or, does it not matter?
(my initial troubles might have been due to something else, for all I know).

A smaller issue, I notice that JWT has
out there, that was never merged, but it is 3 months old, so assumed it was merged the old-fashioned way?
Such old, "un-used" Gerrit commits should be "abandoned". (right?)
If for no other reason, makes my "watched" queries cleaner :)


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