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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] GEF participation in Neon

Thanks Alexander, for letting us know. I myself won't object to your "M5" timing, and since is for GEF4 (not GEF in general) I suspect all is fine, either way.

But, I wanted to remind you, and the whole "extended team", that it is best to settle these issues as soon as possible. The reason is that some (many?) projects like  (or need) to support running on more than one version of Eclipse (such as current -1, or a few even do current -2).  For those projects, if they used GEF 4, they *might* need to do something special to handle such a change  ... so ... for them, the earlier they know, the better they can react OR, perhaps, even change their plans (and then they have to let their adopters know too, etc.)

Would your change from "0" to "1" reflect "breaking API" (such as, would you be renaming packages from "provisional" or "internal" to be true "API packages"? Or, does the versioning just reflect whether or not you've graduated?

Again, for your case, I doubt it would matter (too much :), but I thought best to explicitly document how "major" increases can impact others in ways that some might not be aware of. Not everyone is concerned with "just the current release".

I personally think "graduation" is not too related to the "state of your code", but more to your ability to demonstrate you are a self running project, with some adopters, involved with community, etc. So, for example, even if you publish "1.x" with what ever you have, if you decide to make breaking API changes after that .... then you'd just go to "2.x". Make sense? But, I am aware that others might think differently, and I can see pros and cons with both methods.

Thanks again, good luck!

From:        Alexander Nyßen <nyssen@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        08/23/2015 07:07 AM
Subject:        [cross-project-issues-dev] GEF participations in Neon
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GEF will participate in Neon and will contribute either a minor (3.11.0) or a major (4.0.0) release: The decision depends on whether GEF4 is to be graduated to 1.0.0 (or a minor 0.3.0 revision is published instead). The team has decided to leave this decision open up to M5. We will start with contributing GEF4 in version 0.3.0 to M2.

The offset will stay at +1.

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