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[cross-project-issues-dev] Prepare for Mars SR1 RC1 and Neon M1


Please be aware that the deadlines for Neon M1 and Mars SR1 RC1 are soon approaching AND in fact both _end_ on the same day: 8/21.
Since that will be a busy week for most, wanted to give this early warning. And please remember you don't have to wait until your +n day to contribute ... that is the deadline for _final contribution_ to that milestone or RC, but is very helpful to yourself and others to do "warm-up" builds before then, to reduce surprises by "last minute" changes.

As for Neon, while the "whole plan" is not yet complete, the first 4 milestones will be similar to previous years. I've update the Neon plan and  Planning Council calendar with those first 4 milestones.


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