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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Error reporter and third-party code

> My proposal:…

Sounds okay to me. I wonder if the short cut „not to enable 3rd party class names in stack traces by default“ would be acceptable as well since it’s right on the configure dialog and easy to grasp (IMHO).

any thoughts on this? I can change the defaults (for SR1) if the EF would agree.

FWIW, during the milestone build (until June 20th) 20% of the users explicitly enabled „message anonymization“ because they feared that the message may contains sensitive data. I’d expect that users are less concerned about method names. I’d need to validate this number with the current reporter base to give a more reliable statement, though.

> > I strongly conclude that if someone would have cared at that time, they would have had the chance to participate from the very first moment.
> I brought up the issue of better handling third-party plugins several times from the very beginning and was brushed off.

I did a quick search for earlier discussions on this topic and found [1] from August 2014. I don’t have the impression you were brushed off in that discussion - but nevertheless: If I did (there or somewhere else) I apologize for that.



> Thanks,
> - Konstantin

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