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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mars Release still on schedule for Wednesday, 6/24 (waiting for Reporting and Java package maintainers)

I left some doubt in other notes if we'd have to change the schedule, but I'll now say "no slip", everything is on track.

Except that there are still two package maintainers that must give their "plus ones" -- Reporting, and Java -- last I heard, so if you haven't yet, please confirm those packages and post to epp-dev list as soon as possible. (remember, these are made available to "friends" on Tuesday!) I feel confident these maintainers will be reporting in very soon.

But otherwise, the repositories are all well mirrored. The packages themselves have some catching up to do, but am confident that by Wednesday at 10 AM, there will be enough (not as many as we'd like, but enough to not delay the release over).


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