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[cross-project-issues-dev] Start collecting requests for Error Reporting v2

Greetings ide-dev and cross-project-issues-dev,

Mars release is almost done. But 'after the release' is 'before the release’ and we already start making plans where to focus on for the error reporter’s next version. 

A small update on the numbers. Currently there are 43 individual and 23 project dev-mailing lists subscribed to receive daily or weekly error reports for their projects. In the last 9 months / since its inception we received ~170k error reports - with an rough average of 1000 error reports per day in the last months:

We are now looking forward to the first two weeks of the Mars release and cross fingers that we don’t get flooded. But after that period, we’ll reiterate the design and feature set and see how to improve the next version of the error reporter. I’d like to invite you to share your thoughts and requests - preferably via bugzilla [1], by email, or in person e.g. at EclipseCon France.

At EclipseCon France there will be a talk about the error reporter [2] in which I’ll sum up our experiences with automated error reports, common problems, acceptance and fixing rates etc. I’m looking forward to discuss future opportunities there as well.


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