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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Proxy Testing Tool?

On 6/9/2015 9:49 AM, Andreas Sewe wrote:
<stuff deleted>
Code Recommenders and the Automated Error Reporting use HttpComponents
internally, either directly or through Eclipse Aether (in Code
Recommenders' case).

We use ECF *only* for our communication test, as we got the impression
that ECF is sometimes more successfully in traversing proxies.

Yes, as per the 'disabling httpcomponents' it is more successful in traversing proxies...particularly in the case of NTLMv2.

communication test now uses ECF and HttpComponents and "calls home" on
*both* channels. If one or both messages get through, we have a data point.

Now, the question is how to interpret these data points. Unfortunately,
it doesn't look like we can make blanket statements like "NTLM never
works". It's rather "it depends". The question is just "on what?"


 From the ECF point of view, if anyone is able/willing to do proxy
testing, and suggest, implement, and test changes or other workarounds
to ECF, then contributions are welcome.  I can't speak or act for the
Apache HttpComponents project, however.
I don't thing we have reached the "provide a patch" stage just yet; we
are still at the "pinpoint the problem" stage. If anyone can make of the
data more than I can, any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I encourage you to put links to these data and your associated comments on bug


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