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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Proxy Testing Tool?

You can use jetty to create in-process http proxy servers. There is helper for this in m2e [1] and I think Tycho has something similar too.
There is also MockWebServer from Square [2], which arguably gives you finer control over your test server behaviour. We use it to test some aspects of Aether okhttp connector, but I don't think there is anything specific to okhttp in the mock server.
I don't know how to test NTLM proxies, however. Just never had a chance/need to dig into it. If anyone has any hints and/or experience, I'd be interested to know.
On Tue, Jun 9, 2015, at 03:57 AM, Marcel Bruch wrote:
Dear cross-projects,
for the error reporting we use the Apache HTTP Client to send error reports to its REST server. We spotted an issue how we handle proxies that require authentication - but were unfortunately not yet able completely fix it.
I wonder how other projects test proxied communication. Is there something like a “proxy simulator” or a set of test proxies you use? It would be great if others could share their setups.
In case s/o has deeper knowledge in using the Apache HTTP Client APIs: the code we use to configure our HTTP proxy is in [1].
All insights are welcome.
Thank you
Statistics for the latest RC:
Number of requests with no authentication:
P2: 3278
Apache: 3280
Number of requests with any (or unknown) authentication:
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Apache: 30
Number of requests with NTLM authentication:
P2: 24
Apache: 6
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