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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Frequent timeouts for

On 08/06/15 08:15 AM, Andreas Sewe wrote:
On 08.06.15 13:32, Denis Roy wrote:
For some reason, the build server seems to be pushing a lot of traffic..
we'll look into it.
Thanks, Denis.

Speaking of which, on our HIPP we use -Dtycho.disableP2Mirrors=true so
not to cause outbound traffic. Of course, that means that all requests
go through Is this a problem -- or do you know any
way to switch this from http: to file: transfers without having
different target platforms for HIPP and elsewhere, respectively?

-Dtycho.disableP2Mirrors=true makes absolute sense when running from HIPP -- it's all the people who use it from the outside that cause us some grief  :)

There are some opened bugs to try and make this better. I have some ideas.  In the meanwhile, I'll just widen the pipe.


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