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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Almost all projects are ready for the June 10 release review

Hi Wayne,

I think that everything is ok for the EEF project (modeling.emtf.eef),
but It doesn't appear in the list of June 10 reviews. Given that it
isn't included in your two bugzilla queries, can you tell me if you miss
something from this project or if everything is ok for you.


Goulwen Le Fur - goulwen.lefur@xxxxxxx

Le 05/06/2015 20:46, Wayne Beaton a écrit :
> Greetings folks. Before I say anything else, let me start with this:
> don't panic.
> I have received the required PMC Approval of the review materials and IP
> Team approval of the IP Logs for most of the projects participating in
> the Mars release.
> If I have everything that I need from you, your project will appear in
> the project activity list [1] under June 10 reviews. Thank you for your
> attention in this matter of process and please seek me out if you want a
> beer or something at EclipseCon.
> As most of you have likely discovered, I use bugs to track each release
> review [2]. I've created a couple of different queries to help me keep
> track of what we're waiting for.
> I'm still waiting on PMC Approval of the review materials from several
> projects [3]. I am either waiting for IP Logs or am waiting for
> responses regarding questions about IP  Logs from several projects [4].
> If your project is on one of these lists, you need to take action now.
> You've missed the deadline participate in the June 10 review and are
> very late for IP Log reviews for a June 17 review. *Immediate action is
> required if you intend to release with Mars.* Maybe you can panic a
> little,..
> If I've missed something, please first accept my humble apology, then be
> kind in consideration of how mindnumbing processing a bajillion IP Logs
> can be, and let me know what I've missed so that I can take the
> necessary steps to remediate.
> While I have your attention...
> Those of you who created your own review records may have noticed that
> the available dates for reviews has been made a little more restrictive.
> Moving forward, we are only scheduling reviews on first and third
> Wednesdays of the month. I'll admit that the timing of the change could
> have been better (I probably should have waited until post Mars)
> Exceptions may be permitted at my discretion, but only with input from
> the PMC. My preference is to give projects as much flexibility as
> possible, but, frankly, we've been running far too many review periods
> over the last year or so and I just don't have the bandwidth to continue
> to do weekly reviews.
> Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that IP
> tracking needs to be current and complete at all times. You must obtain
> approval from the IP Team before you check in any third party code
> libraries or code contributions for which the IP due diligence process
> mandates an IP Team review. Git commits must correctly indicate the
> author of the contribution and all contributions by
> non-project-committers must be signed off. If you have any questions
> about this, please ask your project mentors, project lead, PMC members,
> or me.
> Thanks!
> Wayne
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
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