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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status of Mars "repo report" results

I've fixed (most of) the URLs of the "repo report". You can get to the most recent one from the most recent successful clean build, at
Repo Reports from last successful CLEAN BUILD
That link is always at the top of the "Sim Release" Hudson instance ( )

One surprise, something we don't see often (don't think I ever have for this repository) is that someone is contributing an "invalid jar" to the repo ... normally this comes in the form of an invalid  *jar.pack.gz, but this time, the rare event, is it only the *.jar file. (No pack.gz file is provided, or else the b3 aggregator would fail).
And it is for a new bundle from Orbit,
(And, yes, I checked Orbit, and it is correct in that repository).
See Jars that fail to verify (if any)
(which does not have much information, actually, but I documented in the bug how to see more.
I have opened Bug 467449  to track this issue.

= = = == =

Other reports that deserve special attention (AFAIK, there are bugs opened for these already).

- Missing legal files: Bundles missing required files
- Unsigned jars (just a few left): Unsigned bundles and features

- BEPL and GMT have features and plugins, still, that *decrease* in version number from Luna SR2a
   Feature versions compared to reference repository
   Bundle versions compared to reference repository
- As far as "multiple versions of same plugin", I think that report is looking fair (i.e. most cases are legitimate) but there is one case that really stands out: Use of
org.apache.batik.dom at the 1.6.0 level. We went to a lot of effort to replace that one with 1.6.1 (for security fix), so, please, get it out of your builds and your own repositories, and
make sure Sim. Release repo does not have it. See
List of non-unique versions


Thanks to everyone who have been working hard to clean up previous issues.
My hope is that by RC3 we will be completely "clean". At least for the reports mentioned here, which I take to be the most important,
but, by all means, please work on the others too!

Thanks again,

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