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[cross-project-issues-dev] Late discovery of a breaking change in Equinox that impacts Equinox hook implementations

In Mars M6 a fix [1] went into Equinox that allows an Equinox extension hook implementation to return resource URLs that use a different protocol than the built-in bundleresource protocol.  For example, Virgo has the need to return the VM built-in jar or file URLs in some scenarios.  While doing the final testing of the Mars release candidates I found this change causes a breaking change in the behavior for resource URL lookups when equinox hooks are present which want to augment the content of the bundle resources [2].  This must be fixed for Mars in my opinion.  But in order to fix this any equinox extension hooks that want to change the protocol used for resource URLs will need to override a different method.  For more information please see [2].  

Unfortunately this change is not available in RC3, but this late change impacts a very small number of projects.  I really only know of it impacting Virgo.  Please comment in the bug [2] if you have concerns.



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