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[cross-project-issues-dev] Remember to use b3 aggregator editor if changing features, categories, or contacts

The aggregation build has been broken for a little while, due to a "broken model".

I fixed as best I could, and I have opened following bug to document how I "fixed".

Bug 468471 - blindly fixed aggregation build due to broken categories

BUT, I fixed just to get a "green build" ... the categories are not necessarily correct. Project "owners" (release engineers) will have to correct those.

For what it's worth, if you do change categories, features included, or contacts, pushing to Gerrit review is the one (excellent) use-case of testing your changes before they get pushed to master, and risk breaking everyone else. Of course, the 'validate' action in the b3 editor will tell you the same thing ... but ... just in case you don't use it often, the Gerrit "test build" is a good sanity check.


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