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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] When are Gerrit commits automatically applied?

I am sorry for that…. I should have said „previous style“…

Still I dont get it why I cant directly push to Git and rather push to
Gerrit which immediatelly pushes to Git ? Is that extra route a benefit
for anyone. I would prefer a „model“ („style" ? Whatever) where committers
can push to Git and contributors push to Gerrit. (using different URLs).

So currently the two groups push to different refs rather than different
URLs. More confusion for me :-)

Gerrit comes with frustration for me. I missed RC1 yesterday (for Riena)
because of Gerrit and still cant push to the One day we will
get this sorted out…..

Am 21.05.15 12:57 schrieb "Mickael Istria" unter <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx>:

>> I rather want the old style before Gerrit back (but then maybe I am
>>alone in this) and then we use Gerrit for contributions which need to be
>This is not old-style, it's exactly the current behaviour for most
>Eclipse projects using Gerrit, including Simrel. Just the URL of push has
>changed, and if you're a committer push directly to "master" it gets
>pushed to master, if you push to "refs/for/master", it creates a Gerrit
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