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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] When are Gerrit commits automatically applied?

On 05/18/2015 06:43 PM, David M Williams wrote:
I don't know the answer to Sven's question ... quoted here ... does anyone else?

> Am I right if committer of the Git repo
> must be manually set them as code reviewer if they want to apply the
> patch to the Git repo? I've hoped that the push is automatically
> done if the Hudson build is successful and a fast forward merge is possible.

I would hope that it would be applied automatically ... but, from my experience it doesn't seem to be. But, I've only done it a few times,
and hope a more Gerrit knowledgeable person can answer authoritatively ... as well as make sure the "right thing" happens, if it takes a new bug for webmasters or others to change some setting.
Gerrit requires a manual approval from a Simrel committer to merge a commit. There is no mechanism to automatically merge a review if automated tests have succeeded; and since I believe the paradigm of Gerrit and code-review is really to involve an additional human step (in best case a 3rd-party) in the change, automating merge is probably not something desirable.
However, as a committer, you can apply your own patch via Gerrit UI, or push without using a Gerrit review (and automated tests).

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