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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status of M7 aggregation

Some of you may have noticed a lot of problems late today (yesterday) with me getting a "CLEAN_BUILD". I think I have the fundamental problem fixed and understood now (in short, dirty workspace).

And now the next issue is that I tried to re-enable Java 8 unpack200. I believe that effected 5 or so projects (I hope you received the "unable to unpack <some> bundle" email?)  For most, it appeared to be just one bundle, but "WindowBuilder", I believe, still has a lot of "nested packed jars" which they'd been warned about for over a year?, I believe, so I think they won't "react" until they have to. Please react now.

For the rest of you 4 or so projects, if you have yet to make your contribution, please be aware of what we want to accomplish (i.e. for unpack from Java 8 to work) and in some cases, might require some of you to include an eclipse.inf file, with "jarprocessor.exclude.pack=true". (See JarProcessor_Options). But, still sign the bundle.

If some of you have already made your contributions, and you can not possibly fix things on Wednesday, please comment in Bug 463010 and, for my sanity of keeping things straight, be sure to state your project, bundles involved, which build system you use, and when you will be able to fix (or, if you will need any advice or help knowing how to fix ... but, all 3 build systems that I know about recognize the "jarprocessor.exclude.pack=true" option, so that's usually easiest.

If there are projects that "can not possibly fix" for M7, I'll explore some other options.

Let me know if questions (preferably in the bugzilla).


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