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[cross-project-issues-dev] How to contribute to aggregation build -- in the best way possible

I don't think I've "sent this out" before ... apologies if I am repeating myself.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with

but I recently added a section:

In short, use composites, so your "old" contribution stays around, while you prepare your new contribution, and
use a specific URL in your b3aggrcon file that points to a simple repository, not composite, and is updated for every new contribution, and
use brackets such as
to specify exactly which version you intend to contribute.

I think it's too late this development cycle to "enforce" a particular format (or, formats), but I think we will in the future, so it is to your benefit to at least participate in the discussion now. The goal is to have fewer "build breaks" as well as more predictable, repeatable, and precise results.

I'd appreciate any comments, or potential improvements, on that section to be discussed in  Bug 419746 (not on this list).

In particular, if any projects currently use any tools, or scripts, or plugins, to help them form the "ideal input", it would be helpful to share what you have, even if not general purpose or ready for production use. Please provide pointers or ideas in the bug.


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