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[cross-project-issues-dev] Updating to Lucene 5.x (from 3.5) for Neon M1 / Mars SR1

Greetings cross-projects,

Lucene 3.5 is used in many projects but it’s old. Many improvements have been made since then. In particular the performance and memory consumption improved.

Lucene 3.5 ships as part of the Platform but with Mars SR1 / Neon M1 I’d like to update our contributions (Error Reporting, Code Recommenders) to use Lucene 5.1.x. I’m not sure whether all Eclipse projects using Lucene have proper version constraints. Thus, I’d like to make all projects aware of this plan.

I’ve create bug 465874 to track this and get your comments on this, in case you see issues or have further requests.


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