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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Which job to run when testing a contribution?

Maybe this does not apply to the platform build but for other projects, you can setup a build that listens for Gerrit changes and let Hudson give a -1/+1 when the build fails/succeeds.

For example [1] It is triggered by a Gerrit change. If you link into Gerrit [2] then you can see Hudson posting on the change.

(credits for the setup to Mickael Istria)


Since the configuration is protected, here is a screenshot of the Hudson config.

Inline image 1

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 9:37 PM, David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hope you don't mind me posting to cross-project list, but others may have same question, and others may know more about it, than I do (when it comes to Gerrit).

Not sure how much is documented where, but the short answer is A) I do not know that anyone has connected this to Gerrit in anyway but B) to run from [1], just login, with committer e-mail, and committer pw, and then you'll see a "build now" button. It has some fields to fill in, but, you can just use the defaults. Well, that assume's you have check in your changes to 'master'. Not sure how to do, "like Gerrit does" with those little side branches.


From:        Marcel Bruch <marcel.bruch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS,
Date:        04/23/2015 02:23 PM
Subject:        Which job to run when testing a contribution?


I’m confused :-) Sorry, it seems I lost track how the contribution process changed with the move to Gerrit. I made a contribution via Gerrit [2] and submitted it. Now I’d like to run the build to make sure everything works as expected. With the move to Gerrit the build job changed as well, right? I wonder how I can manually trigger a build now. Do I just run [1]?

I scanned [3] for pointers but couldn’t find information about how to run the build there. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong page?

Thank you very much for a pointer.


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