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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Bug 456909 - Implementing Early Startup IStartup causes org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException

I agree, see


From:        "Konstantin Komissarchik" <konstantin.komissarchik@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        "'Cross project issues'" <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        11.04.2015 18:31
Subject:        Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Bug 456909 - Implementing Early        Startup IStartup causes org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException
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I appreciate Lars’s response on the bug with a pointer to the change in question along with the rationale.
I do want to state that communication regarding this was lacking. Evidence:
1.       WTP 3.7 M6 (Mars) milestone build is affected by this issue.
2.       A number of third party plugins are similarly affected.
Plugin developers rely on Eclipse Platform maintaining rock-solid backwards compatibility. As such, instances where compatibility will be broken, should be announced at the highest volume possible and with much repetition. In this case, the particular extension point usage pattern was apparently deprecated in Eclipse 4.2 before being removed in 4.5. It would have been good to add a deprecation warning to the error log starting in 4.2 in order to ensure that the affected plugin maintainers notice that they need to take action while there is still plenty of time to plan for this. The final removal should have also been announced on cross-project.
- Konstantin
From: Konstantin Komissarchik [mailto:konstantin.komissarchik@xxxxxxxxxx]
Friday, April 10, 2015 2:58 PM
'Cross project issues'
Bug 456909 - Implementing Early Startup IStartup causes org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException

Could someone from the platform team comment on this issue?
Plugins that have an IStartup extension and worked fine on 4.4 are causing exceptions to be logged when used on 4.5 milestones. This appears to be an API behavior regression. The bug was filed in January and the platform team has yet to comment on it…
- Konstantin_______________________________________________
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