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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Equinox Bundle Version Concerns


My general concern is that version increment oversights seem to be a general pattern which isn't surprising because it's hard to know whenever you commit something if that's the first commit for the current stream and therefore requires a version increment.  Further more, there are ripple effects, i.e., the increment for a feature.xml is most often dictated indirectly by the largest increment in any included bundle or feature, and again, it's hard to know whether this has been done yet for the current stream.   It might even be the case that a service increment has been made already, but a subsequent more significant change dictates incrementing the minor version (or major version) instead, and then that ripples up to all the including features and their including features.  In the case of the platform, such including features are often in a different repository (and I know that there isn't really anyone who does more than check out the projects for their local area of interest).

I don't know how a human being can be expected to maintain this level of complexity consistently and correctly.  I know I'm certainly not capable of that, so I use Oomph's version tool for EMF to manage the bundle/feature service versions. I know API tools help with major and minor versions, but even here either those tools aren't being used or aren't diagnosing these problems properly (and clearly can't do the job if no one is checking out the broader source base).  In any case, the tools themselves require attention and maintenance (and documentation), i.e., setting up proper baselines and checking out containing features, so that's significant work as well.  Not to mention the fact that in the case of API tools, the impact on build time is, let's just say, prohibitive to the point of wanting to turn it off most of the time. 


On 25/03/2015 10:07 AM, Daniel Megert wrote:
Hi Ed

You're right, the minor version needs to be increased when the BREE is changed as per Please file bugs if you see outdated bundle versions.


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Eike and I have been trying to address problems in Oomph related to the Mars Mac App layout changes and we're concerned that there appears to be a general problem with a lack of semantic version changes in bundles that have modified contents, in many cases not just very minor content changes but rather  major behavioral changes.  For example, it's clear that the p2 eclipse publisher is significantly changed by this commit:
In fact, this commit changed the MANIFEST.MF of the eclipse publisher itself:
I.e., it is changing the BREE but it does not change the version number of the MANIFEST.MF. 

The last time the semantic version of this MANIFEST.MF was changed was by this commit:
I.e., way back for Kepler.  The versioning guidelines are pretty clear that a content change requires at least a service increment:
I've not investigated more deeply, but my impression is that there is a general pattern of forgetting to increment bundle versions when the contents have changed.   Comparing Mars M6 (left) with Luna SR2 (right) I see very few things have been incremented, but surely there have been many changes.

Note the red outlined case where the Mars version actually has a smaller version number, 3.9.0, than the Luna version on the right, 3.9.1.  That's very wrong.

I hesitate to point out that Oomph has a version management tool for detecting when version changes don't match up with content changes.  I know other teams regularly increment all versions at the start of a release, which granted is not ideal.  But failing that, it's a difficult problematic to manage manually such changes and it's clear that it's not being handled very well because this isn't the first time during the release cycle that this issue has come up for the platform...

In case you're wondering, we're particularly concerned about this because in Oomph we'll need to detect whether we're installing a product with a newer or older version of the bundles that support the new versus the old layout.  We're not even sure which representative bundle's version test though it seems clear we must not be relying just on a build qualifier change to test for content/behavior changes.  For us it would be ideal if these things were properly incremented for the final M6 repository contents...

Ed[attachment "abhceiej.png" deleted by Daniel Megert/Zurich/IBM]
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