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[cross-project-issues-dev] Heads Up: TCF Terminals Moving to TM

Hi all,


You might be aware that based on the original TM Terminal view, the TCF Project has come up with a much enhanced terminal:


In order to simplify code adoption and contributions, we want to restructure the codebase and re-unite it with the original TM codebase.

The result will be called “TM Terminal 4.0” but will contain the related TM _and_ TCF code in a single, small git repository.

Here is the respective restructuring review:


Now unfortunately the review is scheduled to complete by April 1 which is after M6, but we would like to give adopters

a preview of the new Terminal with M6 in order to get more feedback. Thus here’s what we are planning:

-          The TM project will no longer contribute its* to the simrel

-          Instead, the TCF project will contribute*_4.0 to the simrel (already using the *new* namespace).


If you do not take any action, you will simply see the new “4.0” version of those features from TCF, giving you the new tabbed terminal view.

Downstream consumers would only be affected if they consume|telnet|view) directly from the TM repo rather than simrel repo.

As far as I can tell, this shouldn’t affect anyone, but wanted to make sure everyone is aware.

The original Terminal widget ( is not affected by the restructuring, only the view and the connectors.


For now this is just a heads up; more details are on the epp-dev mailinglist,


We are planning to add the new “TM Namespace” features to the TCF simrel contribution over the course of the week.

I will send another notification once the new features are available.


Please let us know here on the list of any concerns or questions !

Or comment directly on the Move Review if you want.





Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Owner – Development Tools, Wind River

direct +43.662.457915.85  fax +43.662.457915.6


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